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TenureX goes Live!

TenureX goes live!

We’re pleased to announce that we recently completed our first transaction with our ‘correspondent banking service’ platform. This transaction was a cross border payment between Clarency, a Singaporean payment enterprise, and a B2B provider based in Hong Kong. In the coming weeks, we plan to facilitate further transactions among our design partners, who have provided invaluable input into the development of our platform over the past year and a half.

In many ways, the multi-trillion-dollar industry of correspondent banking is stuck in the past. This is due to the reliance on legacy infrastructure and manual processes. Among the challenges it faces, one major problem is managing the risks caused by friction during the onboarding processes, and the transactions that concentrate on the financial institutions (FIs) participating in the ecosystem.

We have developed a solution that can assist and further the correspondent model and overcome these challenges. This will result in unlocking billions of dollars in winnable revenues for FIs of all sizes.

To start, our platform enhances the onboarding process by compiling and completing due diligence on potential partners, including Know Your Customer (KYC) monitoring. This allows for the improvement of relationship manager application (RMA) updates, allowing the users to update partner profiles based on real-time risk assessments.

Another benefit of our platform is enabling growth. Users can expand their client base by providing a better experience and delivering greater predictability and transparency. At the same, this will free up time and resources, which can be directed to higher value-added activities.

By leveraging application programming interfaces (API), we have built flexibility into the platform. Take real-time pricing, for instance. If a user identifies a transaction involving a level of risk that exceeds its appetite, the pricing can be adjusted.

We are proud of our achievement, however we are just getting started!

We cordially invite you to be a part of the evolution of correspondent banking! Join us today, why wait?.

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