Stop de-risking institutions
and start de-risking transactions

Regulated Fintechs must work with banks to do business. While most banks would like to work with them more often, there are often cultural, compliance and technological gaps that prevent both parties from engaging with each other. Assessments of counterparties is subjective and leads to a binary outcome: either 100% or 0% of future wire transfers will be processed.

Because banks have been unable to easily and accurately assess the risk associated with individual wire transfers, they have kept doing business on trust an institute level. This has caused them to miss out on profitable business through relationships with new partners. Until now.

Benefits of the TenureX platform

Grow their relationships and transfer flow safely and efficiently

Maintain and streamline operations through a single,
easy-to-use interface

Adhere to international standards and improve compliance

Excel at customer satisfaction and revenue growth

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